The Pennsylvania Esports Coalition is a non-profit 501(c)(6) organization created to advance the development, growth and integrity of esports in Pennsylvania through  advocacy, education and promotion of the industry.


The Coalition is comprised of stakeholders from all aspects of the esports industry, including technology, entertainment, education, athletic, casino gaming and government sectors.  

The Coalition serves as the primary advocate for the esports industry in Pennsylvania. Through a detailed and effective advocacy strategy, the Coalition will engage the public, policymakers, regulators and other stakeholders on the positive economic, educational and social impacts of the esports industry in Pennsylvania, while advocating to maintain the integrity  and safety of the industry across all sectors, throughout the Commonwealth.
The Coalition will work with members and industry partners to develop a strategy to education and inform stakeholders about the importance and positive impacts of the esports industry in Pennsylvania, as well as the need to develop best practices and industry standards. Public awareness, as well as educating decision makers and those who influence public policy, on the vitality and future of esports will be a primary focus of the Coalition.
The Coalition will promote the advancement of the esports industry within Pennsylvania. The Coalition will also promote and foster the highest degree of integrity, safety and security within the esports industry, through the development of best practices and industry-wide standards. In addition, the Coalition will develop and foster partnerships among businesses, governments and other industries within the esports ecosystem. This will be a primary goal and focus of the Coalition.
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The PA ESC is looking for individuals and representatives from all aspects of the esports ecosystem to join the Coalition, and help advance the development and growth of the industry throughout the Commonwealth.


We have several membership levels and opportunities, and encourage anyone interested in joining our efforts to fill out the application below.

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