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PA Esports Coalition inks agreement with global integrity organization

Esports Integrity Coalition, PA ESC enter MOU to ensure integrity standards

HARRISBURG, Pa. (Wednesday, Oct. 10, 2018) – The Pennsylvania Esports Coalition (PA ESC) has joined forces with the Esports Integrity Coalition (ESIC), a global not-for-profit membership organization focused on integrity and security of esports competitions, to bring ESIC's established and respected presence in esports integrity to the Commonwealth. The partnership highlights the PA ESC's growth in the esports ecosystem in the Mid-Atlantic region, and its commitment to advocating for and implementing proven standards that protect the integrity of esports.

Bill Thomas, Chairman of the PA ESC Board of Directors, said the partnership between the two coalitions will allow Pennsylvania to be a leader in esports integrity across the Northeast, and throughout the country. As the popularity of esports continues to grow, Thomas said it is vital for participants, corporate sponsors, government officials and the public to have confidence in the integrity of the industry.​

“The Esports Integrity Coalition sets the global standard for integrity in esports, and to have them as a partner in what we are looking to accomplish here in Pennsylvania is truly special," Thomas said. “One of our primary goals as a nonprofit trade association is to gain public trust and promote strong industry-wide standards that root out any form of cheating during esports competitions here in Pennsylvania. We want to provide support and training on issues of doping, match fixing and other corruption, and partnering with ESIC will help us deliver the standards that have been proven to work across the globe. These standards are vital to the growth of the industry."​


Thomas said the unity of purpose outlined in the agreement is aimed to advance the competitive and administrative integrity of the industry, encourage cooperation amid all representatives within the industry and establish trust among all stakeholders.


"We are so pleased to enter this historic agreement with the PA ESC," said Ian Smith, ESIC’s Integrity Commissioner. "Embedding integrity into the foundational building blocks of esports governance and regulation at the grass roots level is the best way to ensure the whole structure is safe, secure and has integrity right through to the top professional level. We admire the pro-activity and drive of the PA ESC, and are excited about the work we’ll be doing with them over the next phase of esports growth in Pennsylvania.”

Key highlights of the partnership include:​

  • Implementation of ESIC standards for esports integrity, including granting permission for PA ESC to adopt ESIC’s baseline anti-corruption policies and practices.

  • Sharing of information between the associations to assist ESIC with its investigations of corruption connected with esports events and competitions.

  • Agreement to promote membership among the respective coalitions to endorse and encourage an environment that maintains and enhances integrity of the esports industry.


​​For more information about the PA ESC, visit Press inquiries can be made to Nick Kratz at 717-857-7420, or via email at

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